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Whispered InterpretingWhispered Interpreting Berlin

Chuchotage– the little sister of simultaneous interpreting for bilingual negotiations on a small scale

Whispered interpreting, with or without technical equipment.

Whispering without equipment: The interpreter has one totwo listeners and sits closely behind them, interpreting into their ears in a very low voice. Since it is very tiring for everyone involved, to concentrate on the interpretation and blend out all interfering sounds, chuchotage is only used for small and short occasions.

Whispering with equipment – the tour guide system:

The tour guide system consists of a microphone for the interpreter and several mobile receivers for the listeners. It is used for mobile interpreting such as for tours of museums or plants. Occasionally it can be used at international conferences when there is only a very selective need for interpretation, such as one speech for one listener. The interpreter translates the speaker’s remarks directly into the microphone and the listeners can move freely about with their headphones. The disadvantage is that the interpreter is not using a headset and listens to the speaker via the room, which is a less concentrated setting and that he himself is contributing to the interferences with his own voice. In order to minimize this effect he speaks in a very low voice. That’s where this type of interpreting gets its name: whispered interpreting.

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