Simultaneous Interpreter Berlin

Simultaneous interpreter Berlin

Simultaneous interpreter in Berlin for your international congress

Ensuring a seamless communication

If you are organizing a large international conference or congress you will have to work with interpreters.

Simultaneous interpreting is the most common form of interpreting at international conferences: The interpreters listen to the speaker through their headphones and speak at the same time into a microphone. The listeners can set their headphones to the right output channel and listen to the right language.

The interpreters listen and speak at the same time; you could say they are working on two channels, with a transformation line in between: they listen to a given amount of words C, while they are processing a given amount of words B and outputting a given amount of words A.

This work requires the utmost concentration, therefore two or three colleagues share a booth and take turns after 20-30 minutes. Those who are not actively working help the other with the terminology.

Some interpreters work very closely behind the speaker, some leave a long leash – both approaches are perfectly legitimate, it’s a question of personal style. The beauty of it is, when you get to resonate with the speaker and the whole process acquires a very special dynamism, then you can anticipate verbs (especially useful from German) and sometimes whole sentences and the work is being done nearly on its own. This happens mostly with speakers who really want to reach their audience.

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