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Intercultural Training Berlin

Provide intercultural communication training in your company!

Diversity enriches your company. If you do it right.

Do you have permanent business contacts with foreign companies and are you experiencing misunderstandings during the execution of the projects? Do you want to send employees abroad and would you like to make the transition easier for them, so that they can successfully represent your company? Then intercultural training or coaching might be useful.

The map is not the territory. And ‘culture’ is not the same as ‘country.’

In order to navigate our way through the world, we have created interior maps for orientation. Values, attitudes, judgments, convictions, etc. are part of these maps. Depending on where and in which family we were born, we have internalized different maps: what we have for breakfast, how we greet others, how we resolve conflicts, what’s the difference between men and women, etc.
The maps help us to know where we are and how we have to behave.

Without this map every day at the bus stop, we would have to find out again whether we have to stop the bus or whether it stops on its own. Very tiring. In Berlin the bus stops on its own. In Tenerife you have to give the driver a signal. Both systems are perfectly obvious for everyone involved.

Until someone comes along who uses a different system and we have two cultures clashing and an intercultural conflict.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone from a different country. Companies, families, social classes, regions, neighbourhoods, all can have their specific and determining cultures.

We just have to look at the large regional differences in Germany to realize that “the German” as such doesn’t exist any more than “the Spaniard” or “the American.”

Cultural differences can be a huge barrier to day-to-day communication – especially in companies. German negotiating tactics or conflict solving strategies can come across as too direct or even extremely impolite. Germans on the other hand often misinterpret other cultures’ codes of conduct and react irritably or inappropriately because their counterparts don’t react the way they expect them to. Intercultural training or coaching helps you to become aware of the differences, confront them if necessary and react in an appropriate way.

Intercultural coaching or training is useful…

  • … to prepare or to assist employees who are sent abroad by their companies
  • … for people who come to Germany to try their luck because their country is in crisis and they have little perspective of employment there
  • … for people who have found a job abroad or who want to emigrate
  • … for people who have a partner from a different culture and who want to improve communication with their new in-laws
  • … for everybody who is in the middle of a process of change and has to deal with unfamiliar values or behaviours.

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