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Interkulturelle Kompetenz

Intercultural Trainer Berlin

Intercultural training in Berlin

This way your employees strike the right tone!

To conduct yourself “correctly” in a foreign culture is not only difficult when the country is completely alien to you. Even in an apparently similar culture you can easily rub someone the wrong way if you misunderstand details of the body language or use certain rituals of behaviour incorrectly.

The focal points of my training sessions:

  • Reflection on your own character through culturally determined norms, values, and expectations at work and in private life
  • Capacity to engage in meta communication
  • Deepening of your understanding of the cultural differences of your interaction partner
  • Cultural differences in physical sensation and in physical perception
  • Reflection on the particularities of the intercultural communication processes
  • Reflection on your own cultural characteristics
  • Sense of time and understanding of time
  • Dealing with holidays

Intercultural training for stays in Germany

In this training your English or Spanish speaking employees get to know the German work ethic and communication processes. I present the work styles, management styles,and professional communications styles customary in Germany, and we discuss how you can prevent intercultural misunderstandings. In addition, I give tips on how to organize your leisure time and how to create friendships. .

Intercultural training for foreign assignments

This training is intended for German employees, whom you want to send abroad and to provide optimum preparation. The participants learn to find their way in the business life of a foreign culture and to communicate successfully. General knowledge about the foreign culture is conveyed and intercultural situations analysed, and the participants are made aware of any local peculiarities.

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