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Interkulturelles Gruppencoaching

Intercultural Group Coaching

Learn to see the world from the perspective of the other in an intercultural Group Coaching!

There are many pitfalls in the contact with other cultures. After a coaching session you will be able to avoid them elegantly.

If your company has international partners, carries out international projects, or employs people from or in different countries, you should know the cultures well in order to minimize conflicts. Because when people are sent to work abroad, often they are not sure how to behave in a right way and can cause irritation, to themselves and to others.

We think we act completely “normal.”But maybe for the person we are talking to something completely different is normal!

Depending on where we were socialized, we have received a certain value system and a certain code of conduct that we use in our day-to-day lives without thinking too much about it. We also expect others to use the same value system and code of conduct. If someone from a different culture behaves differently, this can be the cause of considerable concern or confusion for us. When we have arranged with some friends in Spain for example to meet at a certain place and then go to see a movie, we should be prepared to perhaps do something else. Because ‘meeting’ there is something completely different than here. It is part of the show. Go with it instead of wasting your time thinking about the movie you missed. If we expect what we have at home, we may be disappointed and not discover the unexpected which may be much more entertaining than the movie.

If we think about what makes people buzz it is so much easier to resolve differences.

But in order to do that, first of all we have to become aware of our own “normal” way of behaving. And then we have to take a step back and let go of the idea that our own system of values is “better.” Because the only thing it in fact is is different. And the better a company manages to perceive differences and use them to their own advantage, the more successful it is on the market.

Are there conflicts in your company between people from different cultural groups? Intercultural empathy is the key word!

What do you expect from your opponent with whom you are in conflict? And what does he expect from you? What cultural “matters of course” are involved in the conflict? By means of lectures and role playing we learn to put ourselves in the position of our opponent and to see the world through his eyes, through his culture.

And finally, we ask the question whether we can jointly negotiate something new, which is satisfactory to both of us and with which we can still attain a common goal (as for example a project on which we are both working).

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