Consecutive Interpretation Berlin

Consecutive Interpretation BerlinConsecutive Interpretation Berlin

The consecutive interpreter for your event in Berlin – without much ado

The speaker says a few sentences and the interpreter, after taking some notes, translates it into the target language. As it is very time consuming, consecutive interpreting is only used for special occasions.

Fields of application:

  • Celebrations such as toasts, after dinner speeches, or receptions
  • High level events such as bilateral meetings of heads of state and government
  • Cultural events such as public readings, movie premieres, or radio interviews
  • Business or contract negotiations

Advantage: Because everyone hears what is said twice (and some listeners understand both languages at least partially), it is easier to follow the argument and the situation is decelerated.

Disadvantage: The total time of the speech practically doubles, so that this interpreting practice is not indicated for complex events or difficult contents.

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